CandyRocks Autumn/Winter Preview


Last week I attended the #CandyRocksVIP event at The Town Wall to preview the Autumn/Winter collection. Tickets were £3 and all proceeds went to HeadStart4Babies. CandyRocks is run by the lovely Lisa and Andrea who sell gorgeous statement necklaces for really great prices. The jewellery (as you’ll see from all the photos I took) is SO pretty. Bright, bold and sparkly!

I’ve only recently embraced the world of large statement necklaces, I bought my first one a few months ago at Banana Republic in Manchester. I love how they totally transform an outfit. I used to wear really simple necklaces, literally just a thin chain and pendant… things have changed!

Anyway, back to the event! The price of the ticket also included a welcome drink, delicious mini cheesecake, a ticket for the raffle plus a CandyRocks gift & goodie bag. Quite a few blogging friends were also in attendance, Julie, Emma, Chloe (and of course Lisa who in addition to running CandyRocks, blogs here) which was great, love a bit of a catch-up. Missed you Kayleigh! When we got there the event was in full swing, the girls had arranged for a hair stylist (from Glitz & Glamour Hair & Beauty, Wallsend) to style bloggers hair – such a good idea. I didn’t get mine done as I was too busy talking (as is often the case) & looking at sparkly necklaces.

I spotted the CandyRocks piece for me almost immediately & snapped it up without a second thought!


There was a brilliant quiz organised for everyone to take part in, Emma, Julie and I joined forces to form Les Trois Chipies and ended up winning. It turns out it IS handy to know the names all members of New Kids on The Block, the Raggy Dolls, the principal in Saved by The Bell and the actors who played Brenda & Brandon Walsh (the original Beverly Hills 90210 was discussed a lot over the course of the evening). Don’t know about you, but this is my kind of quiz! We won some sweets (and the pride of winning obviously). Next up was the raffle, there were lots of beauty goodies up on the bar and whoever was picked out could choose whichever item they wanted. Les Trois Chipies had already chosen which prizes we’d like before the first ticket was picked out! Haha. My winning streak continued and I chose the Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot. You’ll be seeing that a bit further down too.

We also got to name a necklace from the new collection. It was black and really elegant (stupidly I didn’t take a photo) – Nicola’s suggestion of ‘Liquorice on Ice’ won and she got to keep the necklace as her prize!


To finish an already great night, we were able to pick our favourite out of three necklaces to take home alongside our goodie bag! Super generous. I haven’t been to many events for my blog, but this was really well planned, at a great venue. Lisa & Andrea chatted to everyone too and weren’t pushy at all about selling their jewellery – REALLY love not getting the hard sell. Brilliant event ladies, I loved it.

Ready for some photos?


I’m remorseful that I didn’t buy this


Was really tempted by this one…







Just a boar, on a wall, wearing a necklace. No big deal.






Last set of pics, I promise… the CandyRocks gift I chose, goodie bag contents & the Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot which I won in the raffle!


Eating the Love Hearts right now. Jel?




Yowza, I’ve talked a lot. SORRY.

If you’re in the market for some really pretty, affordable statement necklaces, check out CandyRocks on FB to find out how to order! I’ve already picked out a few things I need to purchase 🙂


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa says:

    Yay! Love this! Pics are stunning. So glad you enjoyed xx


    1. Loved it Lisa! You both did a great job keeping us entertained the whole time and of course the necklaces were the icing on the cake! x


  2. amy says:

    all of these necklaces look so gorgeous!! looks like an amazing event! id love it if you’d comment back xx


  3. How did you know all of the Raggy Dolls! I was seriously impressed with myself that I remembered one and had a stab at the others. I was feeling very smug until I realised you guys had got every question right!

    Great necklace choice, I’m gutted I didn’t get any for myself. Having all these gorgeous new necklaces wrapped up for Christmas is so difficult, I put an outfit on this morning and realised the necklace I bought my sister would go so well with it …. was very hard to resist getting it out and putting it on!

    Such a great event 🙂



    1. Hahah I didn’t actually know all of the Raggy Dolls, just a couple 🙂 I’m rubbish at quizzes normally, Lisa and Andrea should write all quizzes forevermore! I wish I’d bought another necklace – don’t know how you bought for others and not yourself. I couldn’t do it! Well done not wearing your sisters necklace today, I would have worn it 😉 My sis is already trying to borrow mine! x


  4. I keep seeing and hearing this name pop up and I am already in love. Your beautiful pictures make them look even more delicious! Sounds like it was a lovely event, I’m a bit jello x


    1. Hey! Oh do you? The girls have such s great range of different colours and styles too, so tempting! It was a fab night, basically laughed non stop for 2 hours 😄 x x


  5. shellwozere says:

    Pretty necklaces! I will check out Candyrocks after seeing these pics!


    1. Ahh that’s lovely to hear! Hope you find something you like ☺️


  6. I got one of these babies for my sister-in-law’s birthday because you made them look so good. You should work for Candy Rocks! xoxo


    1. Yay! Which did you pick for her? I am definitely getting my sister one or two seeing as she’s already asked to borrow mine! xxx


      1. I’m getting On The Rocks in Lilac but it was so so difficult to choose one xoxo


      2. Just looked! It’s a beauty 😍 your sis in law is going to love it! Lovely present xxx


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