Cafe Rosie’s Gosforth


I had the day off work yesterday and wasn’t surprised to see grey skies and rain when I looked out of the window. This immediately sent me into “lazy mode” which in a nutshell meant food, tea and tv (in that exact order).

A good few hours later, my husband (who also had a day off) suggested going out for a little while. He said we’d go for coffee, but wouldn’t tell me where. We ended up on Gosforth High Street and I assumed he was taking me to Costa – which is fine but not his usual first choice. Imagine my delight when we entered what must be one of the cutest cafés I’ve seen in a while.

Rosie’s is a family run Bistro and Patisserie based in the North East. They aim to source as much of their ingredients as possible from local suppliers and also offer a take away service as well as private catering.  (I wish I had taken something away) I was instantly in love with the heart bunting, vintage style cake stands and the retro light fittings (so pretty). I’ve since read on their website that their premises have been kitted out with reclaimed furniture which just makes me love this place even more.

I ordered a hot chocolate, the mister got a hot pork & stuffing sandwich (which i was then envious of – thankfully he let me have a giant bite). He said it was the best hot pork sandwich he had EVER eaten, this from our resident food critic is quite high praise indeed!  It was late when we got there and there were only a few other people in, but whenever I’ve walked by in the past it’s been busy. The staff were cheery and attentive & our orders arrived pretty quickly.

Rosie’s looks out over Gosforth Central Park, which even on a rainy grey day like yesterday, looked lovely. My mum used to take my sister and I there when we were little and I remember how big it seemed back then… looking at it yesterday made me miss being a kid, but then i realised my hot chocolate was getting cold and I had a giant bite of a hot pork sandwich to munch on!

I have two regrets: I didn’t take away any artisan ice-cream, and I didn’t take my big camera, had to snap these with Anky’s Samsung Galaxy. Silly me. Anyway, if you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit. I can’t wait to go back! Afternoon tea is on the cards. ❤

20140426-085638.jpgRosie'sGosforth Central Park



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  1. Savina says:

    I love this place. My mother in law took me to Rosie’s 2 days after my wedding.. Lovely bonding time with her and amazing food and beverages 🙂 xx


    1. Ahhh I can imagine it’s the perfect place for bonding time 🙂 Great choice by MIL! I really can’t wait to go back. X


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