The Rosebery Hotel – Jesmond

Nestled in the heart of Jesmond is The Rosebery Hotel, it’s almost hidden away behind gorgeous greenery on the corner of Rosebery Crescent. I was recently invited to  review this charming boutique hotel and decided on a mid-week stay. The hotel is just off the Coast Road, around the corner from Dene’s Deli (best sandwiches in the toon, people!) but once we’d parked up, it was really quiet and peaceful. Janet – the owner – met us and showed us to our room (I may have gasped when I walked into our room) and then on a tour of the hotel.  There are 21 rooms in the hotel, 11 of these are available to let.

The Rosebery Hotel - Jesmond
An upcycled piano which serves as a desk!

The Rosebery Hotel - Jesmond

Whilst on the tour of the hotel, there was just so much to see. I was trying to listen to Janet, make a few notes (memory like a sieve) and take photos. Every single item has a story and Janet was so passionate about everything she was talking about. Special shout out to the seats on the landing, from the Theatre Royal and also the bakealite phones which were upcycled to become light fittings! The Rosebery has been a hotel for over 100 years, Janet took it over from her parents 5 years ago and has revamped the whole place on a shoestring budget by upcycling (Janet  calls it luxecycling) the treasures she buys at second hand places, has found while skip-diving or salvage finds! I couldn’t believe when she told me she found the marble fireplace in our room in a skip (it was covered in grey paint when she found it). With no interior design background, Janet certainly has the eye, passion and vision to build absolutely gorgeous (and quirky) furnishings. She enlists the help of local tradesmen to help with the careful restoration of her finds, which is something Janet was really passionate about when she was showing us around. Each room has a different colour theme but one thing is the same – the attention to detail and quality of the finish on each item. There are 48 chandeliers in the hotel in total (there were three beautiful chandeliers in our room alone!) and 178 mirrors! The hotel is dog-friendly and also caters for those with special dietary requirements, they are also the only hotel in Newcastle who don’t take booking from hen and stag parties.

Retro Bakealite Phones - The Rosebery Hotel Jesmond
Bakealite Phone Lights!
The Rosebery Hotel Jesmond
In room dining area
A wall of mirrors - The Rosebery Hotel Jesmond
A wall of mirrors
Cole & Son Magnolia Wallpaper - The Rosebery Hotel Jesmond
Cole & Son Magnolia Wallpaper
Rose Gold Mirror - The Rosebery Hotel Jesmond
Loved this rose gold mirror
Retro theatre seats - The Rosebery Hotel Jesmond
Upcycled seats from the Theatre Royal

I loved our room. If you look up opulence in the dictionary, this is what you’ll see… we had a gorgeous roll top bath, a huge Venetian mirror above the bath, beautiful statement bed and three chandeliers! In the corner of the room there was also a huge marble dining table. I didn’t realise how much I loved mirrored furniture, but the dressing table area was just perfect.

The Rosebery Hotel - Jesmond
Our room

The Rosebery Hotel - Jesmond Vintage upcycled chandeliers - The Rosebery Hotel JesmondUpcycled Marble Fireplace - The Rosebery Hotel Jesmond

Mirrored Vanity Table and Mirror - The Rosebery Hotel JesmondBoutique hotel bathroom - The Rosebery Hotel Jesmond

Each room has a statement bed, most of these are from French chateaus and have been restored, the end result is breath-taking. My favourite bed was in the room next to ours. LOOK AT  IT!

Absolutely love the side table too. I would love one of those tables to use as a drinks trolley.

Vintage side table - The Rosebery Hotel Jesmond

After we’d been shown around Janet brought us in some drinks, a G&T for me 🙂 and she’d also left us a bottle of sparkling wine and a box of chocolates – thank you! As there is no hotel restaurant/kitchen, each room has its own dining area, fully stocked with a breakfast hamper, cereals, fruit, filter coffee, tea, and a little mini grill thing to heat up your croissants and pain au chocolat! There’s also a mini fridge in the room with milk, fresh juice and yoghurts. Our dining area was a gorgeous marble table, set in the corner of the room by a huge bay window. I honestly couldn’t wait for breakfast! The small attention to details were what really stood out during our stay, e.g. a porcelain teacup and saucer to sip my breakfast tea from. Even the sugar bowl was beautiful.

In room dining area - The Rosebery Hotel Jesmond Vintage sugar bowl - The Rosbery Hotel Jesmond

One thing Janet said to me has stuck in my head, “taste is subjective”. She’s right and she knows this style of decor won’t be to everyone’s taste. It’s definitely to my taste, there were so many pieces of furniture I would love to have in different parts of my home.

We decided to make a night of it and headed to the Fat Hippo for dinner (YUM) and then to Cake Stories before heading back to the hotel. I put the huge bath tub to use and had a really relaxing hot bubble bath before going to sleep. It was so huge! My bath at home doesn’t even compare.

The next morning, after a lovely restful sleep, breakfast was as peaceful and delicious as I’d expected. My preference is always a cooked breakfast, but this did the job nicely. I wish I’d woken up earlier to make the most of the dining area and have a few more cups of tea!

After spending too long capturing our stay on Instagram Stories (follow me here!) I only had 9 minutes to get to work (luckily, I was only 5 minutes late). Here’s a pic I saved from my Insta Story.

I absolutely loved our stay at The Rosebery Hotel, I’ve been raving about it to everyone and would definitely stay here again. Rooms start from £40 per night, ours would have been £89 which is definitely great value. Check out the website here for more info on room rates or to book.

If you decide to pay this little gem of a hotel a visit, I’d love to hear what you think!

*Our stay was complimentary for review purposes, all opinions are 100% honest! 


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Ami says:

    That’s a good idea having breakfast items in the bedroom so you can enjoy breakfast at your own pace and not have to rush to get ready!

    I’m not surprised hen and stag party’s aren’t allowed, if something got broken it wouldn’t be a case of just nipping back to IKEA! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really loved the breakfast in the room thing – when I used to travel a lot with work, I often used to order breakfast to the room so I could just sit in bed/get ready while having breakfast! x


  2. I’m dying to stay there although I live 5 minutes away! I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone visiting us, it’s a beauty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly Julie, you’d love it!


  3. mandycharltonphotography says:

    Wow!! This is amazing and I can’t believe it’s dog friendly too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so lovely, Mandy! So quirky and quaint 🙂 x


  4. Alan Hooper says:

    I did some work for the Hotel about a year ago (could be longer) and they were tweaking and updating for the new season. I remember it looked very quirky, but with a cool style. They had a pink Bed in the garden filled with flowers.
    Pleased you enjoyed your stay and I think it’s amazing how the Coast road vanishes from the area.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah right! Yes it’s really cool and quirky, loved it and will recommend to people visiting the area for sure. Can’t believe it’s so close to the Coast Road – couldn’t hear a thing!


  5. June says:

    I really like your writing on this post. I like the idea of the breakfast hamper and you’re right she certainly has a great eye for putting a scheme together. It really is beautifully quirky and I’d quite like to stay there, although in the morning I’d probably wake thinking that I’d slept at interiors shop Breeze, East Boldon ha ha! (If you’re familiar with Breeze you’ll know what I mean). 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, June! I spent a long time writing this post up because there was so much to say. I will have to look up Breeze 🙂 x


  6. rockandrollpussycat212 says:

    Oh wow, this looks so beautiful and not somewhere I’d heard of. I must mention this place to Hubby!

    Cat x


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