Why I write a blog…

This week my credibility came under fire from someone online, asking why I was conversing with a company I planned to feature on my blog… Without knowing anything about the situation, this person jumped to the conclusion that I was blogging about places with the intention of receiving no bill at the end of a meal or for better customer service. Normally, I turn up, take photos, ask a few questions and write my blog. This has been the case for every single blog post I’ve written. In this situation, I was meant to attend the opening night of a venue and hadn’t been able to go, so had publicly tweeted asking if an email had been received, and so it began…

I’d like to set the record straight. I do not blog for free meal tickets. Since I started this in April, I have paid for everything featured on my blog (with the exception of the Paint Work Shop at Penny Pieces, which I disclosed, and the opening of Harwood Health & Spa which I was invited to). I blog because I love writing, I love photography and I LOVE finding new places to eat/drink coffee/spend time with friends. I’d been thinking about it for a long time, but having received the camera of my dreams (Nikon D3200), it felt like the right time to start.

None of the bloggers I have spoken to are in it for ‘free stuff’ so I felt quite offended that someone would think this of me. I would always disclose if I’d received something for free, or if a company had asked me to feature them… but it’s always been the other way around. I’ve spent a lot of money and time (which I am not complaining about btw, I’ve done it because I wanted to) and I’m very proud of my blog, so it felt extremely personal when it was implied that I was being dishonest.

I’ve always loved photography and the first blog I ever read was “I Keep a Diary” – a photo diary of Brian Battjer’s life. I started my blog in April 2014 and really wanted to focus on the photography – which is why I took a 6 week digital photography course in June. I can clearly see how my photography skills have improved since I started blogging, how my writing is flowing better than ever and on top of all that I really look forward to discovering new places or just writing about places I already love. I also love the connections you make with other bloggers, I’m going to my first meet-up in a few weeks time which I am super duper excited about!

The moral of this story – even though it’s almost impossible… don’t take what someone says to you on the internet, to heart. What matters to me is that my friends (IRL and online), family and blog followers know that I’m an honest, credible blogger.

Have you had to encounter anything like this? I’d love to hear about it and how you dealt with it. 🙂

(I can’t believe there are no photos in this post…)


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  1. Perfectly put my dear. You know I love your blog and particularly your photographic skills and have never got any feeling other than that you just really enjoy the places you visit.

    You have handled this troll well and hopefully won’t have to deal with anything like it again x

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    1. Thank you so much. It means a lot. Perspective and some words of wisdom sorted me right out. X


  2. robacollins says:

    Loved stumbling upon your blog, glad I did! Some lovely photos as well!

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    1. Thank you! So pleased you like it ☺️☺️


  3. Sioban says:

    As you well know, I’m not particularly good at interacting on the net but I feel so strongly about this ‘trolling’ that I have to speak up. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy your company and go on a couple of the adventures that your blog has taken you to. We have landed on these places and have certainly never solicited any freebie. The benefit I have had is spending a brilliant couple of hours chatting and exploring places I haven’t been before. Why do people need to be either cynical or jealous or just plain mean rather than enjoying your wonderful blog. I’m in awe that you make time each week doing something you love and share so eloquently with everyone. If you’re that cynical why bother reading in the first place? Not everyone is motivated by greed and least of all you. I’m saddened that someone not as strong as you may have just given up and thus stop something they love doing because of some idiot. Thankfully you are strong and can see them for what they are. Keep writing and am looking forward to our next adventure. X

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    1. Sioban thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Your kind words mean a lot. I was in two minds about writing this post because I didn’t want to sound like a whinge bag, but I really wanted to clear the air and explain why I started this blog.
      I look forward to our next adventure! X


  4. you haven’t made it til you’ve got haters! sounds like they’ve got a bad case of the green eyed monster!

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    1. Ha ha, loving your perspective Amy! 🙂


      1. haha but on a serious note, I think unless you actually keep a blog yourself, people just can’t understand it and why people do it. People are always shocked when they find out I pay for my website and they’re like ‘……why’, but it’s a hobby and I love it! They can’t get their head around the enjoyment of going out, finding a cool place and sharing it with people. Even if it means you have to buy a mass of drinks and food or whatever! Just keep swimming, everyone else gets it!

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  5. So eloquently put, you’re right Amy – it’s taught me a lesson at least 🙂 I can’t believe I get so excited at the prospect of pressing ‘publish’ with each post. I love the process in its entirety… finding somewhere new, taking photos, sampling their wares, getting home and looking through my photos, editing if necessary, write-up… PUBLISHING! Yay for blogging! x


  6. BertHazell says:

    The below email was sent at 9:01am on Tuesday 5th, and my request to have this added to the post has seemingly been ignored. I encourage anyone interested to view the interactions in this screenshot – http://imgur.com/I8hkrDp Tweets have not been edited, and currently remain live on Twitter. A cloud in a teacup indeed.

    It should be noted that, I am not a random in the true sense of the word (both myself & the author have friends in common, and have had Twitter interactions in the past) and perhaps I felt I could be a bit more honest and open than I might have been having no personal connection whatsoever. I feel this is an important point. Regardless, my full written apology is shown below.


    I just wanted to respond to your latest blog. Your take on the situation saddened me, it is clear that I upset you, and that was never my intention. For that, I am very sorry.

    I perhaps need to recognise that the blog is special and personal to you, and I should have been more delicate in my manor.

    It is clear you are passionate about the content and really enjoy blogging, and as a resident of the North East, I only wish more people would take up this as a hobby, as it promotes the region in a really positive light, encourages more visitors, boosts the local economy, and thus helps local companies and keeps people in jobs etc etc.

    The point I was trying to make, albeit badly, was that in my view, if a venue knows you are a blogger coming to cover them, then the experience will differ than if you ‘just turned up’. I am sure you will agree.

    Regardless, it is clear objectivity, impartiality & honesty are really important to you and to the blog, and I applaud you for that and wish you, and the blog, well for the future.



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