Breakfast after a Fast Day


This is just a short post to share my favourite breakfasts to have the morning after a fast as I’ve been getting quite a few questions about this recently!

When I first started fasting, I was advised to eat nutritious food to nourish my body after a day of fasting. It makes perfect sense as you need to replenish your body with good stuff after fasting. A lot of seasoned fasters don’t eat breakfast at all, instead breaking their fast at lunchtime, but breakfast is my favourite so I don’t skip it unless there are big lunch plans.

The night of my fast I used to go to sleep dreaming of hot buttery toast but to my surprise I’d always wake up not feeling hungry. I eat around 10am the next morning to extend the fasting period as much as possible.

Mostly I  have Greek yoghurt with berries and chia seeds:

100g full fat Greek yoghurt
50g blueberries
50g raspberries
5g chia seeds

Although I find this tasty, my favourite thing to have as a treat is overnight oats with mashed banana and almond/peanut butter.

40g oats
1 banana, mashed
120ml almond milk (sometimes I add 1 tbsp of Greek yoghurt – it makes it really creamy)
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp nut butter (I use Meridian almond or peanut butter)

Overnight oats

It takes at least 3 hours for the oats to absorb the liquid and make it edible, I make it and leave it in the fridge overnight and it’s always delicious. If you’re not into measuring things out, just use equal parts of oats and liquid of your choice. You can add whatever toppings you want, the options are endless! Blueberries are always a good choice, as are raspberries. I add fruit in the morning otherwise it goes very soggy. In the photo featured in this post I had added a teaspoon of Lizi’s Granola and some dried cranberries to the top. I was feeling fancy that day, or I’d run out of bloobs.

If you’re an overnight oats fan, I’d love to hear your favourite recipes/toppings!


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